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Do you feel that you’ve been treated unfairly as a result of a will, the passing of property or an estate dispute? Are you seeking an estate litigation lawyer to assist you in dealing with an estate dispute? Allan Rouben is committed to resolving these disputes in the most efficient and civil manner.

Estate litigation matters can involve emotional disputes between family members. These matters can be complicated by family dynamics and feelings of grief. It is imperative that you have a trusted lawyer that can deal with your case with sensitivity and in an efficient and practical manner.

Estate Litigation Practice Areas

Allan Rouben is a highly respected and experienced litigation lawyer in Toronto, Ontario. Some of the estate litigation cases he can assist you with involve the following:

  • Will Challenges
  • Trustee & Executor Disputes or Compensation 
  • Estate Administration 
  • Elder abuse & incapacity 
  • Property matters
  • Claims for Constructive or Resulting Trust

Why Choose Allan Rouben?

Allan adores practicing law and the challenges associated with difficult and complicated matters. The most rewarding aspect of legal practice, according to Allan, has been the personal relationships he has made with clients. Allan believes strongly in providing personal service and in giving his personal attention to his client’s cases.

When involved in estate litigation, it is important that you have a lawyer you can trust. Allan provides personal service with compassion and integrity.

Contact an Estate Litigation Lawyer

Allan Rouben has over 30 years of experience providing professional legal counsel in Ontario. Contact Allan today for a free consultation by phone or email.

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