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The loss of a job is perhaps the most common way in which Ontarians become involved in the legal system. There are a large number of claims for wrongful dismissal, loss of disability benefits and other employment-related disputes in Ontario courts. Oftentimes, if a person’s employment is being terminated without cause, the employer will provide a severance package to the departing employee. It is important that legal advice be obtained before accepting such packages, as it will not be possible to take court action after signing a release of legal rights.

In many other cases, the issues are more complicated and calls for the services of a caring and conscientious Toronto employment lawyer.  If a person’s employment is terminated with cause, or the person is subject to an employment contract which limits their legal rights or the ability to earn a livelihood, difficult legal questions can arise.

Allan Rouben has been involved in a wide variety of employment law matters. With over three decades of experience, Allan has the skills and expertise to be your Toronto employment lawyer.

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Why Do You Need an Employment Lawyer?

Employment matters can be intricate and multifaceted. An employment lawyer plays a pivotal role in ensuring that both employers and employees navigate this realm with assurance and confidence. They provide expert guidance to help you navigate complex employment laws with clarity, ensure fair terms before signing any agreement, address issues like wrongful dismissal and discrimination, offer strong representation in court trials, and help you remain compliant in a constantly changing legal landscape.

Areas of Employment Law Expertise

Allan Rouben is a highly experienced wrongful dismissal lawyer based in Toronto, Ontario, with expertise in cases concerning Ontario employment law the following areas:

  • wrongful dismissal
  • human rights
  • post-employment competition
  • restraint of trade (non-solicitation and non-compete clauses)
  • labour law and union representation
  • sexual harassment
  • employment contracts.

Allan Rouben has the credentials and experience to be your lawyer.

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“Allan Rouben is professional, tenacious, passionate and thorough. Under his care, your case becomes his concern, and his success allows your burden to be lifted. I would definitely recommend him personally.”

“Allan responded with honesty, integrity and far more patience than I was entitled to expect. I would recommend Allan’s services to anyone who desires the highest level of professionalism.”

“Allan worked hard to master the complicated facts and law of an unusual and difficult case, producing good results for clients. He stayed cool under fire as a well-prepared and experienced advocate.”

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