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The loss of a job is perhaps the most common way in which Ontarians become involved in the legal system. There are a large number of claims for wrongful dismissal, loss of disability benefits and other employment-related disputes in Ontario courts. Oftentimes, if a person’s employment is being terminated without cause, the employer will provide a severance package to the departing employee. It is important that legal advice be obtained before accepting such packages, as it will not be possible to take court action after signing a release of legal rights.

In many other cases, the issues are more complicated and call for the services of a caring and conscientious Toronto employment lawyer.  If a person’s employment is terminated with cause, or the person is subject to an employment contract which limits their legal rights or the ability to earn a livelihood, difficult legal questions can arise.

I have been involved in a wide variety of employment law matters. If you have an employment dispute and are looking for a Toronto employment lawyer, please contact Allan Rouben with details about your employment law case.

Allan Rouben provides representation in cases concerning Ontario employment law, including;

  • wrongful dismissal
  • human rights
  • post-employment competition
  • restraint of trade (non-solicitation and non-compete clauses)
  • labour law and union representation
  • sexual harassment
  • employment contracts.

Sample Employment Law Cases