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Purchasing or selling a property are big decisions, with a lot of moving parts and a lot of money at stake. Issues or disputes may arise during the process and litigation may become necessary. When this happens, you need a trustworthy and experienced litigator that will provide personal attention to your case. Allan Rouben is an experienced litigation lawyer in Toronto who can help with all of your real estate litigation enquiries.

Practice Areas

Real estate litigation covers a range of issues based on the property type. Some of the cases we can assist you with involve the following issues:

  • Failure to Close 
  • Breach of Contract 
  • Property Disputes 
  • Trust Claims
  • Certificates of Pending Litigation

Why Choose Allan Rouben?

Allan Rouben loves practicing law and the challenges associated with difficult and complicated matters. He has been practicing in Ontario for over 30 years and has experience presenting many cases before the courts.  The most rewarding aspect of legal practice has been the personal relationships he makes with clients. Allan believes strongly in providing personal service and in giving conscientious attention to his client’s cases.

Allan Rouben’s decades of experience have shown him what is important when representing clients in real estate litigation cases. He has worked with numerous clients to achieve favourable outcomes and will work hard to try and ensure the same for you.

Contact a Real Estate Litigation Lawyer Today

To get a free consultation on your real estate litigation query, contact Allan today by phone or email.

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