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Many employees in Ontario have access to long-term disability benefits through their employment. These policies typically provide that benefits are available if, during the first 24 months, the person is unable to perform the essential duties of their own occupation and thereafter, if they are unable to perform the essential duties of any occupation for which they may be suited by reason of education, training and experience.

Having access to benefits and actually receiving them can be very different things. Given the broad wording of the insurance policy, insurers often take the position that there is insufficient evidence to satisfy the criteria for disability. Being disabled and without income or disability benefits is highly stressful. The services of a caring and conscientious civil litigation lawyer and insurance lawyer are needed to advocate for your legal rights.

If you are in need of the services of a Toronto lawyer for a long-term disability claim, I invite you to call Allan Rouben to provide the details of your disability claim and insurance policy. Before doing so, I invite you to review the samples of my work that can be found on this website, as well as the comments and testimonials from clients and lawyers .