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If you have received a decision in a family law matter and don’t feel that the outcome was fair or right, it is best to consult an appellate lawyer to determine your next steps. 

Family court decisions can have a significant impact on you and your family’s well-being. If you disagree with the court’s ruling in your family law case and feel that you may have grounds to appeal, an appellate lawyer can provide assistance.

When Should I Proceed With a Family Law Appeal?

Family law appeals are fact-specific. They may concern issues of custody, access, support or the division of property. Since appeal courts show great deference to the findings of fact or remedies made by a trial judge, it can be challenging to identify grounds for appeal. These are the types of questions that should be looked at in considering whether to appeal a family law case or in presenting a family law appeal:

  • did the trial judge misapprehend the evidence;
  • did the trial judge fail to appreciate the significance of relevant evidence; 
  • did the trial judge misapply a legal standard, such as the best interests of the child;
  • did the trial judge conduct the trial in a manner that was procedurally fair; 
  • do the reasons of the trial judge adequately explain the reasoning process.

Since family law appeals are so fact-specific, it is important that the appeal lawyer review the evidence carefully and select the one or two points that have the potential for a successful appeal. This requires experience, discipline and objectivity.

Why Choose Allan Rouben As Your Family Law Appeal Lawyer?

The vast majority of litigants get only one chance at an appeal. It is essential to do it right. That’s why it makes sense to hire an appeals lawyer like Allan Rouben, who is immersed in appellate practice, is familiar with the unique role played by appellate courts, is meticulous in legal research and is skilled in legal writing and oral advocacy.

Allan Rouben is a highly regarded appellate practitioner who over more than thirty years of practice, has appeared regularly in appellate courts on important and challenging cases. By retaining his services, you will benefit from his wealth of experience handling appeals in the Court of Appeal for Ontario, many of them on issues of importance for the administration of justice in Ontario.

Contact Allan Rouben Today

Time may be of the essence if you’re thinking of appealing your family law decision. Contact Allan to discuss whether you should appeal the decision in your family law case.

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