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Slaw – A Prosecutor’s Continuing Duty to Evaluate Evidence

As has been widely reported, the Hearing Panel dismissed all six of the charges against Mr. Sukonick and Ms. DeMerchant for conflict of interest stemming out of their representation of Hollinger International Inc. and related parties in, inter alia, the sale of Hollinger newspaper assets to CanWest. The hearing extended over two-and-a-half years, and necessitated...

CBC News – Jurors in Dennis Oland trial should have gag order lifted

Two months of ongoing criticism of the guilty verdict that sent Dennis Oland to prison — and of the character and motives of jury members who delivered it — is raising questions about rules in Canada that gag jurors after a trial, says Toronto lawyer Allan Rouben. Read the full article

March 28, 2014

Discretion and the Quebec Election Campaign

Noted constitutional and human rights lawyer Julius Grey has been practicing at the Quebec bar for over 40 years. His latest project has landed him squarely in the middle of an important issue in the Quebec election campaign. On the one hand, officials of the Parti Quebecois have expressed concern that “outside forces” will commit...