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During my career, I have been involved in many cases in a wide variety of different areas. What follows are a sample of some of these cases.

Omer’s Case: Labour Law, Wrongful Dismissal and Duty to Accommodate

Background Omer had been working for Air Canada for ten years, doing a job he loved as an airline mechanic, when the company claimed he had abandoned the job. Following an altercation  with a co-worker, Omer was off work suffering from depression. Both he and the co-worker had been suspended, but Omer considered this was

Dilanka’s Case: Employment Law, Unjust Dismissal, and The Canada Labour Code

Background Dilanka was working in inventory control for a large Federally regulated employer. He was highly dedicated and conscientious, always looking for work and opportunities to grow in the company. His performance appraisals were glowing. Dilanka’s efforts were recognized with promotion and assignment to important projects, yet he hadn’t advanced as far as he thought