Disturbing Allegations

The Globe & Mail is reporting today on a case of alleged corruption involving participants in the Ontario justice system. The case started out as an investigation into fraud at Bombardier Inc. and has since expanded to include a member of the Ontario Provincial Police and a Toronto Crown Prosecutor. Included among the charges against the police officer are allegations that he used his position as case management officer in the Toronto criminal courts to “gain corrupt advantage for his associates charged with offences.”

The details are sketchy at this point but include allegations that the officer assisted an accused person avoid prosecution in Ontario and assisted another to obstruct the course of justice in a sexual assault prosecution. The Crown Attorney, although not charged with an offence, is named as “an unindicted co-conspirator.” None of the allegations have been proven, however they are sufficiently serious that the Attorney General has appointed an out of province lawyer, Richard Peck of Vancouver, to prosecute the case.

Corruption in the Ontario justice system is exceedingly rare, but any concern of this kind must be treated with the utmost seriousness. Maintaining the integrity of the justice system is of paramount importance.