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Eddie Greenspan In His Own Words

There have been an outpouring of tributes to Edward Greenspan since his passing on December 24, 2014. There is not much that can be added, so it is Mr. Greenspan’s own inimitable voice that seems most worth recalling. What follows are extracts from an interview with Mr. Greenspan in the Spring 2009 edition of The

Advocacy Tips from Criminal Court Judges

The most recent edition of the Criminal Lawyers Association Newsletter, For The Defence, is devoted to the subject of advocacy. In an introductory note, editor Breese Davies laments the absence of direct feedback from judges on how an advocate might have better performed in an individual case. What could they have done differently? How could

Damages and Wrongful Convictions

Tomorrow, the Supreme Court of Canada will hear oral arguments in a case that has the potential to make new law in the way that courts review the conduct of Crown Attorneys, and in the way that courts deal with claims for damages for wrongful convictions. The case involves Ivan Henry, convicted of sexual assaults

Jan Wong and The Globe and Mail

In a decision released November 3, 2014, the Divisional Court dismissed a proposed application for judicial review brought by journalist Jan Wong in a case against The Globe and Mail. The case highlights several important aspects of our legal system that are worth commenting on. First, the context. Ms. Wong had been a reporter at

Determining Credibility in Cases of Sexual Assault

The events of the past week involving Jian Ghomeshi have highlighted the difficult issue of sexual assault. These cases often turn on credibility, and this is especially the case where there is no corroborating evidence. With the large number of cases that come before the courts, general principles have been formulated that are designed to