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If you disagree with a judgement made against you in court, and you believe an error was made that affected that judgement, talk to Allan Rouben, a Toronto appeals lawyer. A successful appeal requires the fresh, objective perspective of an experienced appellate lawyer, and one who is interested in defending your rights.

Each year, Ontario court of appeals courts hear over 1500 civil and criminal appeals.  These appeals relate to a wide variety of issues including commercial, administrative, family and criminal law matters as well as the principles of sentencing, Charter litigation and rules of evidence. Errors are made in court and you have the right to challenge judgements and proceedings that you believe were in error.

Allan represents clients in a wide array of appeals cases including criminal appeals, civil appeals, and commercial litigation cases. If you’re considering appealing a recent court decision, you’ll want the counsel of a good appeals lawyer in Toronto.

Call Allan today and you’ll have the advantage of a caring and experienced Toronto Appeals Lawyer.

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