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Preparation for Oral Argument in an Appellate Court

Appellate advocates know that careful preparation is the key to a successful oral argument. What happens in the courtroom represents only the tip of the proverbial iceberg of what counsel has done in advance of an appeal. With time limits for oral argument and hot benches, it’s a given that  questions from the Court will

Law Society of Upper Canada v. DeMerchant, Sukonick: An Update

Following six years of litigation, 130 days of hearing, the reasons of a Hearing Panel dismissing all claims and a request for costs of over $3,000,000, the Law Society has made the astonishing decision to appeal the ruling in its failed prosecution of Torys LLP lawyers Elizabeth DeMerchant and Darren Sukonick. In two previous articles

The Michael Rafferty Appeal and State Funded Counsel

A grainy video showing eight year old Tori Stafford being led away by one of her killers served as a tragic image in the trial of Tracy-Lynne McClintic and Michael Rafferty. McClintic pled guilty to first degree murder. Rafferty went to trial before a jury and was convicted of first degree murder. The high profile

Trials and Access to Justice

The subject of access to justice is at the forefront of legal debate and commentary. There is widespread concern that Court processes move too slowly and cost too much, potentially putting the system beyond the reach of ordinary Canadians. These important issues have not been much discussed in the context of what actually occurs during

Rob Ford and Termination for Cause

The travails of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who has admitted to smoking crack, being intoxicated during Mayoral outings and making death threats in an inebriated state, raise an interesting question: If Mayor Ford was employed as a senior executive in a private company, could he be terminated for cause without any notice or warning? Would