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The Honourable Justice Stephen Borins

Sadly, Justice Stephen Borins of the Court of Appeal for Ontario passed away on June 13, 2009. Justice Borins was appointed to the then County Court in 1975 and was highly respected throughout his career for the quality and thoughtfulness of his judicial writings, which were characterized by historical references and scholarly analysis. Justice Borins

Big Firm Life

In a revealing interview with law blog Bitter Lawyer, the distinguished investigative reporter Gerald Posner has some interesting comments on life at Wall Street firm Cravath, Swaine & Moore, where he practiced as an associate before becoming a journalist. Sweat shop with a capital ‘S.’ I billed over 3300 hours the first year and I

The National Hockey League and Relocation

The decision released yesterday by Judge Redfield Baum of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court has received a lot of attention in Canada. Not surprising given that the case involves a request to move the Phoenix Coyotes hockey team from Arizona to Southern Ontario over the objection of the National Hockey League. The basic outlines of the

Jury Selection

Thirty three days into a murder trial in Windsor, Superior Court Justice Bruce Thomas declared a mistrial yesterday after it was revealed that police had searched databases and run background checks on potential jurors. The resulting information was then used by the Crown Attorney to assist in selecting the jury. Potential jury members suspected of

The Honourable David Humphrey

The Ontario justice system lost a leading light on May 17, 2009, when David Humphrey passed away at the age of 83. Justice Humphrey was a leader of the criminal bar for over 35 years and was known for his extraordinary cross-examination skills, his humour and story telling ability. For years, he held court in